Our latest vehicle project includes the development of interfaces to the engine, transmission, anti-lock braking, weapons and navigation systems for a new state of the art military vehicle just entering production.  A mission oriented user interface includes at-a-glance as well as highly detailed information screens providing operator awareness at levels never seen in military vehicles.  The system includes an advanced health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) capable of archiving up to a year’s worth of operational data on the vehicle.  The integrated Alerts, Cautions and Warning system (ACWS) continually monitors the vehicle interfaces, alerts the operator of any issuesand provides an unprecedented level of in-depth tactical diagnostic and prognostic information.

    In addition to commercial and MIL-SPEC compliant systems, we have significant expertise in the development of a variety of special-purpose vehicle solutions.  These include numerous circuits, firmware and software applications for robotics, miniature turbine engines, satellite and line of sight communications systems, and military smoke generation systems.  At IS4S, our goal is to deliver the best solution for our customer at the best price. We consistently accomplish this with on time deliveries because we are not bound to hardware, firmware or software solutions as resellers, manufacturers or dealers for any components.  IS4S strives to employ “best athlete” solutions to ensure the best value for our customers.

      IS4S is a world leader in vehicle electronics design, development, testing and deployment in the harshest of military and commercial environments.  Our expertise includes full life cycle implementation of hardware, firmware and software combined solutions as well as single component development as part of an integrated team.  IS4S has extensive experience in the development of SAE J1939 Controller Area Network (CAN) circuits, software applications and MIL-STD-1472 compliant user interfaces for commercial and military vehicles.

Vehicle Electronics & Controls

Vehicle Electronics & Controls