Synchronizer Power Control Module

Synchronizer Power Control Module for Paralleling Multiple Power Generation Sources

    Under a recent SBIR effort with the Air Force and OSD, IS4S performed modeling and simulation of gas turbine power generation systems to determine innovative, efficient methods to synchronize and link multiple turbogenerators for scalable power generation and provide electrical power for ground forces or vehicles. IS4S developed embedded controls for synchronizing and controlling speed and load share between multiple turbogenerators in the presence of a changing load. The Synchronizer with load sharing control was first demonstrated with two sets of electric motor driven alternator (EMDA) hardware for emulating turbogenerator hardware. Subsequently, the Synchronizer Power Control Module was demonstrated using two commercial miniature turbogenerators. The miniature turbogenerators were tested on the bench and packaged in a compact generator chassis to demonstrate a scalable portable power system. The paralleling of generators was demonstrated in both the DC Parallel and Synchronized, Three-Phase configurations.

IS4S Compact and Scalable Three-Phase Power Generation