IS4S engineers have decades of robotic systems design, development, evaluation and testing experience for a variety of US Government and commercial customers.  Our founders were actively involved in the developmental forefront of autonomy through the US Army’s Future Combat Systems (FCS) and other leading edge efforts.  Through oversight or direct design, IS4S has developed several unmanned aerial systems (UAS), unmanned ground systems (UGS) and autonomy components.  In addition to the Autonomous Navigation System (ANS) – the eyes, ears and brains of many FCS robotic vehicles – IS4S founders were directly involved in the design, development and testing of the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV), Armed Robotic Vehicle (ARV) and Multi-function Utility/Logistics Equipment (MULE) vehicle.    

    Through cooperation with Auburn University, IS4S has also developed and successfully demonstrated a variety of fully autonomous on and off road vehicles as well as robots capable of completely covering large areas of land and water while detecting concealed mines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO).  Current development efforts include a robotic forklift capable of locating and retrieving items in a warehouse setting and staging them for packaging and shipment.

    Through a multi-year cooperative effort with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), IS4S has developed the world’s first Portable Vehicle Decontamination System (PADS). The fully autonomous system can be set up in less than 6 hours and operated by a single person with a portable tablet.  One of only five Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CRPP) winners, IS4S moved the concept from a clean sheet design to a fully functioning prototype with an extensive demonstration history.  PADS is currently undergoing a full 1 year test and shakedown program that will collect performance data on over 1,000 vehicles.  To augment this capability, we are also currently developing two special purpose robots capable of decontaminating complex vehicle undercarriage surfaces and the interiors of large transport trucks, trailers and shipping containers. IS4S expertise in autonomy algorithm development, precision location and navigation, software and complex systems integration make us a world leader in practical robotic solutions.​

Robotics & Unmanned Systems

Robotics and Unmanned Systems