IS4S has extensive experience in the simulation, experiment, and diagnostic analysis of munition detonation, blast, fragment, and shockwave propagation.  We have developed and integrated numerous software packages designed to effectively assess weapon effectiveness, characterize collective/collaborative weapon effects of multiple ordnance packages, and identify potential target vulnerabilities. IS4S personnel are highly experienced in first-principles computational analyses of detonations and subsequent shock propagation. IS4S has performed analyses of multiple weapon prototype detonations using CTH, which is capable of accurately simulating multiple materials, large deformations, and strong shock waves. Click to read more.

Update in progress.

CTH simulation of a munition detonation and resulting shockwave reflecting off buildings and the ground plane (axes are in meters).

Munition Concepts, Lethality, & Effectiveness

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Subscale and full scale tests provide necessary empirical data to analyze effects and integrate results into our simulation software.  

Innovative Prototypes