IS4S Flightworthy Turboalternator ECU and Monitoring Software

Electronic Control Units

​Electronic Control Units for Miniature Turboalternators

     Over the past six years, IS4S engineers have been involved in ECU development for miniature turboalternators for ground power and unmanned ground and air vehicles. Specifically IS4S has developed both ground test and flightworthy ECUs for 1 to 5 kW output turboalternators operating at speeds above 200,000 rpm. IS4S’ parameter-based ECUs are highly configurable (via the CAN bus), perform startup and control, and interface to a supervisory controller (e.g. flight or ground computer) and auxiliary PCM module via CAN communication. Other interfaces include thermocouple sensors, pressure sensors, ignition exciter module, and fuel system components.

Power Electronics & Controls