A major challenge faced by all small and medium sized companies is affordable information technology (IT) support.  Highly technical and often complicated by information protection requirements from customers or the need to safeguard intellectual property (IP) or employee information, a capable IT infrastructure is a critical component of success.  Hiring a company that specializes only in IT support often comes with a prohibitive cost and a push to sell particular hardware and software solutions that may not be well suited or flexible enough to warrant their purchase. 

    Because of our deep engineering bench and years of experience developing critical infrastructure communications and data storage solutions, IS4S is highly qualified to provide any level of IT support, infrastructure and compliance analysis.  We have designed, developed and deployed commercial and military systems utilizing commercial internet, satellite and line of sight communications to ensure reliability and cost efficiency. 

    IS4S excels at providing any level of support and overall IT help when you need it.  Our part time and on-call support capability enables us to serve our customers at exactly the level they require as their business grows.  Our non-technical customers routinely praise our ability to train, communicate with, and support their staff without drowning them in boring details that don’t help.  Because IS4S does not manufacture or sell IT hardware or software, our customers always get the right solution and level of support at a lower cost than our competitors.  IS4S can install, operate or maintain all commercial Microsoft® office and server products, configure your email, provide on-premise or cloud based storage solutions and rapidly troubleshoot problems to ensure your company’s productivity never suffers. 

    If customer driven IT requirements or Government regulation compliance is in question, we can help. IS4S routinely helps our customers with real-world needs assessment and compliance solutions that are designed to ensure that your company can focus on its primary mission without worrying about reliability or excessive cost. 

Critical Infrastructure & Cyber Security