The IS4S Vehicle Decontamination Robot- Transport Variant (VDR-T). 

    Through a multi-year cooperative effort with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), IS4S has developed the world’s first fully autonomous Portable Vehicle Decontamination System (PADS) to address both scenarios - a fixed variant for farms and a portable system for incident response. Our technology makes it possible and financially feasible to decontaminate any type of vehicle up to 80 ft. long (18 Wheeler trucks). Our system can dispense in real time up to 3 chemicals in any number of concentrations, as well as fog, steam and ultra-violet light.  It is the only system with the capability to scan a vehicle, develop a spray plan on the fly, and kill the pathogens in minutes.  All runoff fluids are collected and recycled, so the impact to the environment is minimized.

    The system can be set up in less than 6 hours and operated by a single person with a portable tablet.  IS4S was awarded one of only five Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CRPP) contracts which paved the way for intellectual property protection (patent pending), a new company spinoff (, and a variety of demonstrations for federal and state first responders.  The PADS system is currently undergoing a full 1 year test program to identify and resolve any find tuning and performance issues.  Data collected under this effort will be used to improve and mature the prototype into a full production system.  As a result, we are well on our way to viable commercialization.

    In addition to PADS, IS4S is developing two special purpose robots.
 The Vehicle Decontamination Robot – Undercarriage (VDR-U) utilizes a 3D laser scanner and our proprietary software algorithms to implement an on-the-fly spray plan. The IS4S robotic arm then delivers soap, water, chemical, fog, steam and/or ultra-violet treatments to complex, undercarriage surfaces as the VDR-U traverses the length of the vehicle.  Other potential uses include under-vehicle inspection, bomb disposal, and manufacturing. 

    The VDR-T (transport variant) is a 1,200-lb. robot designed specifically for the inspection, cleaning and decontamination of large transport trucks, trailers, aircraft and shipping containers.  Fully autonomous and self-contained, the VDR-T carries 100 gallons of water, chemicals and its own power generation system.  Its dual track drive system with rubber treads is well suited for harsh environments without damaging metal interior surfaces.  By leveraging the 3D laser scanning, distributed architecture and software algorithms of the VDR-U, and adding obstacle avoidance and complex navigation autonomy, the VDR-T operates free of any umbilical.  The VDR-T is capable of navigating in tight spaces and developing on-the-fly spray plans to deliver full cleaning and decontamination capability within the confines of trucks, trailers, aircraft and shipping containers.  Other uses include autonomous fluid transport (fuel, water, etc.), warehouse freight delivery and autonomous transport truck packing.

    No decontamination system in the world can provide these services at any price.  IS4S is uniquely capable of developing and deploying emergency response decontamination technologies in rapid prototype, proof of concept and full production configurations. 

​​​​​​​​​​​    Livestock farmers have their financial livelihood invested in their farms.  If only one animal  is infected with disease, the government imposes a quarantine and their entire inventory is destroyed immediately.  To prevent this catastrophe, every outside service and farm vehicle that enters the farm must be decontaminated.  In extreme cases, some owners of large Texas farms are spending $100K/month decontaminating vehicles by manual spray means.

​ Similarly, in the aftermath of chemical, biological and nuclear terrorist attacks, every public service vehicle operating in the quarantine perimeter (buses, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, power industry vehicles, rail cars, etc.) must be repeatedly decontaminated. Any vehicle entering or leaving the perimeter must also be pathogen free.

Biological Decontamination Systems

The IS4S Vehicle Decontamination Robot- Undercarriage (VDR-U)  3D laser scan of a vehicle. 

These photos above show the IS4S PADS.