Advancements in additive manufacturing (AM) technologies have vastly expanded rapid prototyping abilities and design possibilities of parts previously constrained by traditional subtractive manufacturing limitations. However, with these increased capabilities in manufacturability of components, AM processes typically require the use of highly complex machinery; as well, they introduce an entirely new set of variables in components’ material properties. 

​    IS4S has immersed itself in additive manufacturing technology research. Our engineers are rapidly expanding their knowledge base and expertise in the latest, state-of-the-art developments in AM processes as well as generating creative solutions to the many engineering challenges of those processes. The IS4S additive manufacturing team has experience in a wide variety of AM areas, namely, metal powder bed fusion (PBF), multi-material fused deposition modeling, post-processing operations, topology optimization, component file slicing and build design preparation.

    The AM machinery that our engineers specialize in operating are the 3D Systems ProX-300, for metal PBF processes, and the AirWolf Axiom 3D, for fused deposition modeling. Through current work with DoD customers, IS4S has and continues to contribute to research efforts in utilizing both static and dynamic scenario topology optimization for design of additively manufactured parts.

    As developments continue in this rapidly growing field of technology, IS4S will also continue to cultivate expertise in new processes and engineering techniques to meet the demands of present and future challenges in additive manufacturing. 

IS4S are experienced in the most recent advances in AM technology

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